The legal basis for the establishment of the College of Public Security and Individual “Apeiron” in Cracow is the decision of the Minister of National Education and Sport of 22.07.2005 (ref .: DSW-3-WM-4001-545 / 05) Piwowarskiemu Julius granting authority, as the founder, the creation of non-state higher professional education under the name College of Public Security and Individual “Apeiron” in Cracow.

The university offers education in the direction of internal security. As part of the program, students are able to choose specializations allow for a substantial broadening of knowledge and skills.

January 5, 2011 r. In Szczytno Rector of the College of Public Security and Individual “Apeiron”, as the first Rector in the Malopolska region, has signed an agreement
with the Chief Constable.

Under the agreement, graduates of our university who during their studies will implement objects – 33 topics designated by KGP constituting the content of the basic training of the police and within a year of graduation decide to join the police will be able to take shorter basic training, not including contents of which they become aware while you are studying.

In this way records are implemented new Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration dated 19 June 2007. On detailed conditions for practical training and training in the police force (Dz. U. No. 126, 877, as amended. D.). College of Public Security and Individual “Apeiron” in Krakow is the first institution of higher education in Malopolska (and one of 12 in Poland), with which the Police Commander in Chief, gen. Insp. Andrzej Matejuk, signed an agreement on police shorter basic training for students of selected fields.

Signing the agreement on cooperation was held in Police School in Szczytno 05.01.2011r.