Our goal

The University of Public and Individual Security “Apeiron” in Cracow was established to give education in terms of broadly defined order and security in both social and individual dimension. Our goal is to provide students with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills which will help to achieve success in public and private security sectors.

Our domain are studies within the internal security field (undergraduate degree programme and postgraduate degree programme). We focus on comprehensive development of our students providing them with the tools they need to achieve professional success.

How do we teach?

The courses are conducted in accordance with a modern and adapted to the surrounding us reality curriculum enabling to develop a theoretical basis of public safety – legal, economic, psychological and philosophical one, and also acquire competences useful in a one’s professional work.
Our students have an opportunity to participate, inter alia, in activities related to counter-terrorism, international law, forensics and criminology, shooting training, martial arts and tactics and technics of intervention. We also provide a wide range of specializations tailored to different interests and professional needs.

Do not wait!

We constantly extend our educational offer. At present we run two departments, which makes possible studying in Cracow or Katowice, according to one’s needs. Regardless of whether a student chooses to study in Katowice (in Katowice Department) or in Cracow (in our Main Department), they will get the education which will ensure new career prospects.

All those who are interested in developing their competence in terms of internal security are encouraged to take a closer look at our offer. You can submit the required documents either personally at the Main Office in Cracow or Katowice or via the Internet.