Poland’s first university specializing in strict security. College of Public Security and Individual “Apeiron” dutifully prepares students to work in the uniformed services, ranging from the police, army, through the security agencies on the Government Protection Bureau and the Central Bureau of Investigation ending.

Diploma at the College of Public Security and Individual “Apeiron” significantly increases the chances of finding a job in the administrative units responsible for internal security and public order. Education professionals in these areas becomes in fact a priority for the country and for the European Union. Make a decisive turn in his life.

First and second degree – being recruited for  the academic year 2015/2016.

College of Public Security and Individual “Apeiron” in Cracow deserves its reputation as a unique. Question – why? The science of safety has become very popular, and this training brings with it widespread respect and arouses authority.

Our university is, however, only one in which it was decided to specjalizowaniu in the security field.

We invite you to college, kierunk:  SAFETY S STWOWEWN EXTERNAL. The choice of both full-time (Monday to Friday) and part-time (every other weekend) – the decision is yours. Make a decisive turn in his life. Study of professionals!

In addition, as a student at the College of Public Security and Individual “Apeiron”, you get a free opportunity to learn in the Tertiary School Detective and Protection of Workers ‘Bodyguard’, through which you get the title of technician physical protection of persons and property. So you have a chance at winning two titles – bachelor and technology, thus extending their qualifications and strengthening the position in the labor market.

Another convenience for our students is the promotion of “Rata Free”. For students who, taking care of the good name of the university, our university successfully will recommend potential candidates, waiting for promotion in the form of installments free of charge. The more people zachęcisz to study at the College of Public Security and Individual “Apeiron”, the more payments you receive for free!