Punkt naborowo-dziekanatowy
Kraków: +48 12 422 30 68
+48 663 350 870
Katowice: +48 32 205 13 25
+48 534 082 592


In order for you to be able to apply, your home university must have:
• an active Erasmus+ exchange agreement with the University of Public and Individual Security “Apeiron”;
• have nominated you for a place in good time for the application deadline.

When are the application deadlines?

He application deadlines for 2018-19 are:
• 31 July 2018(Autumn arrivals)
• 30 December 2018 (Spring arrivals)

The nominations should be sent by e-mail to Radoslawa Rodasik mail: science2@apeiron.edu.pl

• Name of the sending institution and its Erasmus code
• Student’s full name
• Student’s e-mail
• Student’s phone number
• Student’s area of studies and Erasmus code to it.

Apart from the nominations the following documents (signed and stamped) should be submitted:
1) Application form;
2) Learning Agreement for Studies;
3) a scan of health insurance (EU-citizens: European Health Insurance Card; non-EU-citizens: health insurance valid in Poland).

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